JDocPlugin: javadoc plugin for jEdit

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JDocPlugin is a jEdit plugin that provides a graphical interface to the javadoc utility within jEdit. It reduces keystrokes and window switching for documentation creation and maintenance since the HTML output can be generated and viewed within jEdit as you edit javadoc comments. JDocPlugin provides the following:
  • option pane dialogs for setting javadoc command line arguments
  • in-process execution of the javadoc command
It works well with other jEdit plugins:
  • JStyle generates javadoc comments from templates
  • InfoViewer provides a mini-browser that allows you to view HTML within jEdit

1/22/2003: 1.0 is released
    initial release
  • supports most javadoc command line arguments
  • javadoc command line arguments set with option panes
  • javadoc executed with plugin menu item
  • online help
3/28/2003: 1.02 is released
    bug fixes to initial release
  • directory for settings file not created correctly
  • logic for ok and cancel buttons reversed